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Nouvelle Histoire de la danse en Occident

Release date: September 17, 2020

Edited by Laura Cappelle / With 27 international contributors
Foreword by William Forsythe
Publisher : Editions du Seuil

The first wide-ranging introduction to western dance history, from Prehistoric times to the present, to be released in France in a quarter of a century.

Table of contents
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Review in English by Ada Bronowski, for the academic journal Estetika

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Each reader, whether they’re new to dance or a balletomane, will find their way into this book

Philippe Noisette, Les Echos

An erudite and enlightened globalizing history of dance […] with entries that are both of high academic standard and, at the same time, accessible to, and indeed addressing, a far broader readership

Ada Bronowski, Estetika
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